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How Do You Take Care of Your Body? The Benefits of Bodywork

How do you take care of your body? The Benefits of Bodywork Q4fit.com

One of the things that we need to realize is that our bodies are meant to do amazing things.

They heal themselves without us doing a thing.  They are supposed to do that, but, if we don’t take care of the body we have been given, it won’t be able to do its job.

One of the things we have done over the years is to learn to eat better.  We have talked about it a lot and we will continue to seek more and more information on ways to feed our bodies the best fuel possible.

Exercise is also key to having a body that functions at its best.  Whatever activity you choose to do is up to you but our bodies were never meant to spend all day sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen.  Then, we go home and either stare at our phones, our computers at home, or the tv.  We have become different people than what we were meant to be.

But, after all of that, our bodies still need to be maintained.  Just like our cars that we take for regular maintenance, we need to maintain our bodies too.  We can’t expect our bodies to run like a brilliantly made machine if we don’t take care of it.  Doctors are there to be our care after we are sick or damaged, but we can seek help before we get ‘broken’.  

We, in our house, have a chiropractor that we see regularly.  This is a great way to keep things moving properly.  Another way for us is our Bodywork Practitioner.  Some people see a RMT, Registered Massage Therapist, but for us, Mark is who we have chosen to get our bodies moving better.

Because we are very active people and we are not in our 20’s anymore, we are just like our car, a little creaky, tend to hurt more easily, and need more regular maintenance.  This is where Mark comes in.  

Below is an article explaining what it is that he does.  I really hope that you can find someone that will help you to be the best you possible.  


What is BODYWORK &

The Benefits of BODYWORK



Bodywork is a unique and holistic approach to treating the body. Bodywork incorporates a variety of healing modalities and therapeutic techniques into each session.  According to the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, a membership organization for massage therapists and bodyworkers, there are almost 300 massage and bodywork methods.  Bodywork practitioners use these methods and work with the human body using breath and energy techniques to help heal and treat their patient.

As a bodywork practitioners assess your movement and posture, they will notice the balances/imbalances in the feet (gait), hip and shoulder girdles. They will also take notice of the neck and head placement in relation to the spine. In addition, they will use movement assessment techniques to help establish where the root cause of the pain/tightness is coming from.  

Benefits of BODYWORK!

As a patient begins bodywork treatment, they should notice immediate results (1-3 treatments). Benefits of these techniques aim to assess or improve posture, promote awareness of the mind-body connection and balance the body’s muscle fascia, connective tissue, and skeletal system.

Additionally, bodywork increase range of motion improves posture, and flexibility as well as decreases muscle tightness, reducing the chance of injuries and muscle pains. For example, in Rolfing, practitioners use physical manipulation of the fascia to release old holding patterns and misalignments that are responsible for much of our chronic discomfort and pain.  The benefits of this can be life-changing.

Finally, bodywork techniques can help to hydrate muscles, improve circulation and reduce or eliminate both physical and emotional stress. In conclusion, people seek bodywork for a number of reasons; however, all reap the incredible benefits that it provides.

Bodywork practitioners usually ask you to schedule another session soon. They like to have two or three shots at the issues in a short span of time. They want to give their work a chance to set in without waiting so long that the issues will revert to their unbalanced ways again. After a few immediate sessions, the bodyworker will tell you that you are to come back occasionally, and should give you some exercises or practices to implement into your daily life to keep you on the healing path.

Many people find that it can take years, even a lifetime of regular care, to fully achieve and maintain the benefits of massage and bodywork. Getting one massage at a resort once or twice a year may be relaxing, but it is not going to undo chronic pain or keep your muscle tissue supple and responsive.


“BODYWORK & MASSAGE  has had a positive effect on every medical condition we’ve ever looked at.”

~ Tiffany Field. Ph.D Director, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami


If you want more information from Mark, you can find him here:  

Body by Corbs


To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha


6 Easy Meatless Meals Under 400 Calories

Meatless Meal Options

I have talked a lot lately about trying something new.  I am a firm believer in trying new things.  When we stay too long in one place, we become like moss on a rock, hard to move.  So, start small.  Try one new thing at a time. Don’t expect to turn your life around overnight, one small step at a time.

I have had a  my fitness pal account for years.  It has been how I track my calories in and out when I am focusing on that.  

So, for me, they are a great resource that I can trust.

Their blog is one I look at regularly.  This post came up this week and its timing is perfect for me.  We are trying to shake up our eating again.  Meatless meals are a good thing.  It is no longer such a weird thing to do and it isn’t just a plate of vegetables.  Boring, dull veggies.  These dishes just go to show that with a little thought and creativity, new can be delicious and fun.

So step out with me and try something new.  



Spice Up Your Life, Make Salsa

A delicious home made salsa pico de gallo with tomato, red onion, lime, cilantro, and jalapeno pepper.

One of the most common complaints to changing your dietary habits is that food that is “good for you” taste boring.  Part of that is that our bad food habits tend to revolve around three things that our bodies get addicted to.  They are sugar, fat, and salt.  Plain and simple, foods that taste good, generally have an abundance one or more of these three things.  BUT, and there is always a but, we now know that these things aren’t bad for us.  We just need to make sure that they are the ‘right’ kind of sugar, fat, and salt and in the right amounts.  Or, we simply teach our taste buds, that we don’t need those things as much as we need flavor.  That’s right, flavor.  If our bodies are satisfied with other flavors, then it won’t crave the things we need to be mindful of.

So don’t let your food be boring.  Add spice.  Spices are generally calorie-free and can make any food great.

In our house, we make a really simple salsa and add it to all sorts of things.

We use a really simple recipe, but it can be changed in so many ways.  It can be hotter, milder, sweeter, thicker, chunkier, runny, and any number of alternatives.

Be bold and try to spice up your food, without adding the dreaded salt, sugar, and fats.

This is our salsa.

  • Three diced tomatoes
  • Splash of lime juice
  • Chopped cilantro
  • Half a chopped onion
  • Fresh garlic clove

We also add a great Pico seasoning from a great local company, Epicure.

But you can get salsa spices most anywhere.

Let it sit for a few minutes before you serve just to let the flavors blend.


But the best part of this recipe is that we can make it larger, although never want a smaller portion, and spicier, depending on what we are adding it to.

It is really hard to wreck it.  And it is cheap.  It makes eggs great, tastes good as a side dish.  And obviously with chips.

The point here is just adding flavor.  Spice things up a little or a lot and your taste buds will respond by enjoying it without realizing that it is both good for you and tastes yummy.


Variety is what I would recommend: As variety is the spice of life in food, so it is in exercise. Change it up. But most of all, don't overdo it. – Martina Navratilova


Are You Overwhelmed?

Are you Overwhelmed. Q4fit.com

There are times when it is tough to come up with a new idea to write about.  It’s not because I have covered everything that I want to talk about.  Sometimes it is the opposite, there are so many things to talk about I have trouble just focusing on one thing.  Other times, I just need to settle my mind and try to think about why I am having trouble focusing.  After some time, I think I know why I am unsettled today.  

On this past weekend, we had the honor and privilege to run in a fundraising event.  It was Run For Refugees.  It was a 5 or 10km run and we went to support the efforts to help acclimate refugees to our area.  When we were all done, and we were starting to “refuel” we were told about some of the areas that these families were coming from and some of their hardships.  Funny how the press doesn’t cover how truly awful their situations really are.

Something as basic as the fact that pictures of some people cannot be shared on the internet because there are actually certain groups of people scouring the internet for pictures of people who are trying to help.  When they get pictures, these people are then threatened, beaten, tortured, killed, or even the people that were being helped are killed.

It’s a pretty awful world out there sometimes.  

Then, I am quite sure that the natural disasters are not going unnoticed.  Hurricanes, and earthquakes, fires, and floods.  Sometimes whining about my world is just so petty.  But, it’s the world we live in.  How do we just continue on without being totally overwhelmed by it all?

I truly think that we are not supposed to just carry on.  We are supposed to be moved by the burdens of other people. It’s called empathy.  Without it, nobody would get help when they need it.  The key is to find the balance and go from there.  We can choose to be overwhelmed by the awful things in this world.  Or, we can choose to make helping others part of ‘our’ world.  

You don’t have to look far to find someone in need.  There are some really great organizations out there and there are some truly great small groups and some fantastic large groups.  I have touched on this topic before, Workout for a Cause and the list of places in need grows daily.

So when you get overwhelmed with hearing about yet another cancer diagnosis, another natural disaster, another business collapsing, it is then, that you start thinking about how you can make helping others part of your world.

  • When money is not available to give away, donate time.
  • When you don’t have time to donate, give away a service.
  • If you don’t have a service to offer, ask how you can help, and be prepared to listen with your heart.

People in need, need all kinds of things that may not occur to you, but that is because you are not in their shoes.  Sometimes it is the little things that we can do to help that makes all the difference.

If you are truly wanting to make our world just a little bit better, you will need to give a little piece of yourself in some way.  Be prepared to actually listen to what is needed but also make sure that you have found a group that really speaks to you.  There is a group needing help in nearly every aspect of the world.

So, do what you can to make yourself healthy enough to be a help.  

Keep your mind, body, and soul strong so that you are able to be the help to those who need you.


When you're in a position to have gotten so much, the gift at this point is giving back. – Paul Stanley