Eight Tips to Dealing with Temptation

It’s that time of the year again. Wait a minute, is it really?

Actually it’s always that time of the year. Temptation is always there. Now, it just so happens that at this present time of the year, there happens to be many more treats to tempt us. So how do we “Just say No”.

Some ways to say no are easier than others. But I think that with a little thought, we can be better prepared and therefore, better armed to resist.

First of all what is it that you just can’t say no to. You may have to do a little thinking. It’s not as simple as salty or sweet. Or chocolate or anything else.  There are many more things we should think about.

  • Do you have trouble resisting social drinking?
  • Can you actually go get a coffee without all the flavours and extras?
  • Can you go to the movies without popcorn?
  • Can you watch someone else indulge and just not join in?
  • Can you actually order water in a restaurant?
  • Can you make cookies and not lick the spoon?
  • Can you really be that disciplined?

When we are really trying to lose weight it truly is hard to watch everyone else just eat and drink whatever they want. We are tempted to ask them to not eat and drink ‘that’ in front of us. We are tempted to tell them that ‘actually YOU should be cutting back too’. We are tempted to eat just a little something when we are all alone. After all it is our own body we can ‘cheat’ if we want. But the problem is that we all know that WE are the problem and then the vicious cycle of guilt creeps in. Why does it have to be so hard?

The truth, again, is that it is only hard because we are creatures of habit. We tend to do what is comfortable and for most of us, food is comfort. So, if we really are people who like habit, how do we change our habits and how do we get past our temptations?


Once we have had a good hard look at ourselves, we can truly take steps to make our temptations either more tolerable, or at least less tempting.


1. Don’t buy the ‘thing’ that is your biggest temptation.

If you tend to eat chips, do your best to simply not have them in the house. If you have them at home for other family members, put them out of site…. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. If you are going to indulge, make sure you are really aware of the amount you are having.

Take your portion out and put the rest away before tasting.

3. Eat or drink your temptation slowly.

If you seem to suck back your treat, you don’t really taste what you are having and therefore are more likely to go back for more. Savour each taste, it truly will taste better.

4. Eat your treats in a conscious way.

If you tend to eat in front of the TV, you typically won’t pay enough attention to what you are eating, therefore you will tend to overeat.

5. If going out with friends is part of your temptation, have a healthy snack before going out.

If you are not really hungry when you are out, you are less likely to eat the whole menu. Or at least will be satisfied with smaller portions.

6. When going out, drinking water is now quite cool, so do it.

The best 0 calorie drink out there is still water, also it will fill you up more before you eat.

7. If you have a glass of water in your hand while out socializing, others are less likely to offer you more to drink as they can see you are drinking.

You can then alternate water with what else you are drinking and that way you stay hydrated at the same time.

8. If you are planning a night out, then do just that, plan.

Having a reward meal in your week is truly good for you as long as it doesn’t turn into a reward weekend. So, keep your week’s eating clean, and plan that after you have your reward, to enjoy it and then get right back into clean eating.


You can’t eliminate temptation from your life all together, it’s part of the process. But being better prepared to handle it when it is there, means the kids can eat their Halloween candy without fear that their loot seems to be shrinking while they are at school.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. – Charles M. Schulz


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  1. Thanks for sharing this one! I was completely addicted to sugar – I was having a sugary treat multiple times a day so I needed to finally do something about it. What worked for me was a simple 10 day detox (no processed sugars, refined grains, or dairy) and I decided to see how much longer I could control not eating sweets. Now, I don’t have the desire to eat them, but if I want them on special occasions I can have them now without losing control. It feels good to know I am in control.

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