I saw this video online and it has haunted me for days. I realize that it was meant to be uplifting, but it made me think about myself and the opportunities not taken.

I could dwell on that; wow look where I could have been had I taken some of the opportunities presented to myself over the years. Then I look at what I actually have done. Sure, I could have done all sorts of different and cool things. But, had I taken even just one, I may not be where I am today.

Right now, I have have the most amazing husband and family. I am about to be a grandma. I still have my parents and that, all by itself, is a blessing. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver, and have traveled to some amazing places, Rome, London, Bora Bora, Cebu, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Vatican City. I have managed to climb out of my comfort zone, where I usually live and because I did, I have done and seen some really cool things. Like, travel on my own to Israel, jet ski in the open ocean in Monte Carlo, go to a Stanley Cup hockey game in Boston wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey, send two of my kids away on their own for a year. Writing this blog was a huge leap of faith. Not as scary as learning to scuba dive in the open ocean, but I have had to live outside of my own little world and I truly had no idea whether what I was writing was any good. I had visions of being one of those people at the beginning of American Idol, thinking that I could write, but I really couldn’t.

Do yourself a huge favour, take that giant step out of your comfort zone and do what it is that has been nagging at you. Don’t be dumb about it, if your ‘thing’ happens to require lessons, do it, but don’t ignore what you really want to do just because you are afraid of failing. What is the worst that can happen? Truly, what is the worst part about trying? If nothing else, you will never be the same again.



Remember, a balloon once inflated, never goes back to its original shape and size.

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