The Secret to Weight Loss

Today you are getting a kick in the pants.  

There is a ton of info on ways to get fit and healthy out there.  People post workout videos.  There are all sorts of recipes and how to cook videos everywhere.  I try to read as many of these as I think pertain to our readers and I watch probably too many of those videos.  But in all of this info, people get the great privilege to ask these ‘authoritative’ figures questions, which is great.  I keep hearing the same few questions from the people looking for answers.  The questions are quite similar and the responses are generally along the same lines but seem to me to be too kind which allows room for denial.

People, in general, ask for the secret to weight loss.  

They ask in several ways;

  • What is the best workout?  
  • What time is best to workout?  
  • How much should I eat?  
  • When should I eat?
  • How often should I eat?  
  • What is the best food to eat?  
  • What is the best food to avoid?  

The questions are endless, but all actually asking for the secret to weight loss.  I have the secret!!  You may have heard it before, but I haven’t heard it put out there in its simplest form.

 Here it is…..

  • The workout doesn’t really matter!
  • The number of carbs doesn’t matter!
  • How long you workout for doesn’t matter!
  • The amount of fat doesn’t matter!
  • The amount of sleep doesn’t matter!

What matters is the realization that you have NEVER accidentally eaten ANYTHING!!!

  • Your parents aren’t to blame.
  • You are not big boned.
  • Your sedentary job isn’t at fault.
  • Your spouse isn’t responsible.
  • How much you weighed as a child is now irrelevant.

The only one responsible for the calories you consume and use is YOU and only YOU.

Let that sink in just a moment…

Sure there may be all sorts of reasons why things have happened.  For example, I know that I am a stress eater.  It has taken me a lot of years to realize that, but it is true.  When I get stressed instead of dealing with things in any number of other ways, I tend to eat.  And I eat all the wrong things.  Yes, I can help it.  I would love to say “I can’t help it, that is just the way I am”  that may be true but the choice to go to the fridge or the panty is mine and mine alone.

I know people that eat their feelings all the time.  They are lonely, they eat.  They are sad, they eat.  They are overwhelmed, they eat.  They are bored, they eat.  They give up, they eat.  

It’s time to take responsibility and own what you eat and what you don’t eat and what you should eat.

Simply put, the next time you eat something, think about what you are eating first.  It will change the way you eat, move, and drink.  Then after that, choose whether it gets you closer to your goal or…


Now just the thought of eating ice cream puts pounds on me. – David Nail


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