Simple Resistance Exercises

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Everyone is looking for the secret to getting into shape with the least amount of time, sweat, and effort.  Well, as it has been my experience, it simply doesn’t exist.  Sorry, to tell you but easy doesn’t have anything to do with getting into shape.

We tend to get ‘out of shape’ because we do the easy thing.  

  • We eat without thinking, easy.  
  • We sit without realizing how long we have done it, easy. 
  • We have wine or beer because we can, easy.  

And that is where the easy is.  It is in the complacency of life without thinking about our shape.

If you want to get into shape or stay in shape, I mean a shape other than round, it takes work.  You should sweat, and it will take some time.  Having said all that, the key is to make your efforts more efficient, if you are looking at time vs end results.

One of the simplest pieces of equipment to use is your own body weight.  Sure, you can go to the gym and use machines, weights, a bosu, medicine balls, and the list actually can go on for a long time, I do this because it works for me, but using your own bodyweight is still a great thing.  If you don’t have the time, don’t want to invest in a gym membership, don’t want the big dollar commitment, bodyweight exercises are a great thing.  It is something that will take as much commitment because consistency is the key here, but you can do some really simple things anywhere.

You will still need to dedicate some time, but you only need space enough to move in.

Here are a few really basic things you can start with.


  • Lateral Side Steps

You have two choices of bands, the kind already looped or tie the big kind into a loop.  Step into it, your band will be around your calves or ankles, place feet shoulder-width apart to create tension on the band, bum down now into a squat and step side to side.  You can then even step back and then forward if you have space.  This little move will work your butt and your legs.  Keeping the band tight is the key.  Once it is loose you loose ‘resistance’.  

  • Bent-Over Row

This move will work your back, making your back strong helps to keep your abs tight.  Use a long band either the kind with the handles or wrap the band around your hands.  The band should be long enough for you to hold it while standing on it.  Bend over, bend your knees a little and pull the band back as if picking it up from the ground.  Again, keep the band tight, don’t let it get floppy.  You should feel your shoulder blades coming together, rather than your forearms doing all the work.

  • Bicep Curls

This one too uses the long band.  Putting one foot forward, step on the band.  Hold the band so that the tension is tight, with your fists facing upward just like a traditional curl.  You can do both hands together, or one at a time, but keep your elbows tight to your sides so that it is your bicep doing the work.


These are just three simple movements that can get you started.  If you have something that you can use as an anchor, you will have a lot more options.  This will give you the option of using one leg at a time or one arm at a time, giving you more focus on one particular muscle group at a time.

Most groups of bands are color coded so that you know how stretchy they are.  Some are harder to stretch than other, which increases your chances of muscle growth.

Start slow.  Try to do 10-12 reps of each thing doing 3 sets then move on to the next group of exercises.  Only you will know how hard to push yourself.  

If you don’t work for it, it won’t happen.  If you will put in the time, with some effort you are going to see changes.  Be prepared to work and you will then see results.



A good goal is like a strenuous exercise – it makes you stretch. – Mary Kay Ash


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