July 10, 2019

Ack, I’m in Menopause!

As I sit and write today I can’t decide what to write about.  I can once again talk about my gym, what I do and why […]
July 3, 2019

I’m Not Made for Exercise

I have been a pretty active person in all of my life.  As a kid, we were always to go play outside, then, I played on […]
June 9, 2019

My First Weightlifting Competition

One of the main things that I have tried to do when I write this blog is to help you learn something, understand something, question something, […]
April 25, 2019

Am I Supposed to Be Fat?

I really don’t know if any of you have had this thought or if it is just me.  I would take a guess and say that […]
April 16, 2019

Man, Am I Sore

We seem to think that we are the only ones in the world that feel the way we feel.  Well, I am here to tell you […]