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Support System to Success


Ok, so it's still the beginning of the year.  Most people have made resolutions and are already falling out of their new routine.  

It's true, most are already failing at their goals for the year. It’s a sad reality but when you put a lot of pressure on yourself for the sake of a day on the calendar you will have a greater chance of failure.  As humans it is one of our weaknesses, so you can accept that and try to work around it or you can just give up as most do.  

When we, Doug and I,  decided to get healthy five years ago, we obviously had to set goals.  But our goals were not dedicated to a specific date on the calendar.  We chose instead to focus on the idea and plan that this was a lifestyle overhaul.  We chose to make this a new reality and we gave in to the truth that our old habits got us into our old shape so it was going to be new habits to get us our of our old shape.

When we want change we need to look at why and what it is that is making us want to change.  If you want to lose a few pounds just because summer is coming, most times it is just not enough motivation.  If you are looking to lose a few just to get into that little black dress for your cousin's wedding, again, it may simply not be enough.  Having said that, you may be one of the few that manage to lose those few pounds, but as soon as you stop doing what you did to lose them, guess what… those pesky pounds are just sitting there waiting to get right back on your body.

If having a specific date is what it takes for you then, cool, good for you.  Because for the rest of us, it just isn’t enough to just want to be slimmer, we need a real plan and a real goal, and a real reason to make the change that will keep us in that new slimmer shape.

When we started, although we had weight goals, we, more importantly, said enough, we put a goal in front of us and chose to accept;

  • that a bottle of wine each night for dinner on the weekends had to stop.  
  • We had to accept that part of our daily routine had to include at least 30 min of exercise.  
  • We needed to eat out at different types of restaurants.  
  • And eat out less often.  
  • We conceded that we needed to pay more attention to the nutritional content we were eating and actually start counting calories.  
  • We needed to tell each other to be there as an accountability partner and gently with love, smack those pesky salty or sweet snacks out of each other’s hands.  
  • We agreed to cheer each other on as we began losing weight and,
  • we agreed to push the other one out the door for a run even in the rain.  
  • We accepted a whole new life was about to begin and the only way we could do this was that we were doing it for our future selves and for the rest of our lives.

That may not be what you want to hear and it may be hard to accept.  But that is the truth as we know it.  If you think you can do a program for a specific time frame, achieve the goal you seek, then slide back into the old routine, you will return to your old body and usually with a bonus few pounds as a souvenir for your troubles.  Sorry, sad but true.

So, as I have talked about several times before, your headspace is THE most important piece to this weight loss puzzle.  It just is.  Get your mind in the right space and then set up some support to keep your head in the game.  You will naturally slide back into old habits, so you need to be prepared to have a plan in place to get you back on track.

Don’t let the easy way be so attractive that you start and fail one more time.  Don’t let the past failed attempts at getting into shape cloud your new vision.  Don’t let other’s failures be yours too.  Set yourself up with every piece of support you can and you will have set yourself up for success.  

Please, please, please know that if your support system isn’t being all you want it to be, reach out to us.  We will be there for you because we want success for you.  We want to surround ourselves with happy, healthy people and we want you to be part of our support system of success.


Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. – Bo Jackson

10 Supplements That Can Benefit Almost Anyone


The concept of taking vitamins shouldn’t be but is a topic of divided opinions.  

In my opinion, the idea of not taking supplements is an outdated opinion.  This comes from the idea that we get enough nutrition from the food we eat and if we eat properly, we will get all we need.  That may have been true once, but even if we did eat all we were supposed to, the food we consume is simply grown differently than it used to.  Hydroponics, GMO’s, pesticides and on and on have changed the actual nutritional value in even the basic fruit and veggies we eat.  I really believe that we NEED to supplement our diets because most of us don’t eat perfectly anyway and we all need all the help we can get.

Please understand too, that I am in no way saying that supplements should replace actual food.  Real is always best, but when lacking that, getting the right nutrition in should be what is important.

This article is really clear on what and why.  Take this info and do your own research on brands and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want any additional help.  

Are You Moving Enough?


I was reminded not too long ago that we don’t move enough in the course of a day.  

Now most of us would obviously disagree.  

  • Not me, I am so active, I am one of those people who spend all day on my feet,
  • If only housework counted as activity, because I feel I am always doing it,
  • I couldn’t be more on my feet I am always on the go.  
  • Of course, that is how we think of ourselves, but is your activity level really what it should be?  


We never see ourselves the way others see us.  We put blinders on and only see what we want to see.  Sometimes it is because we are too hard on ourselves and sometimes we are just in denial that we need to make some changes in our lives.  Either way, it's time to look at yourself, be honest and figure out if you really are as mobile as you should be.

Of course, it is tough to be in the gym all day when you have a job as well as something that resembles a life, but you don’t need to be.  What you do need to be aware of is how much movement is in your day.

One of the ways to do that is to purchase one of these new activity trackers.  Most are really simple to wear and use.  Most are based on simple movements and actual movement in distance.  Most also monitor your heart rate and can tell when your activity has elevated your heart rate into a calorie burn zone.

If spending on a new device isn’t for you, most smartphones actually have an app for this built in.  Now, you need to have the phone on you at all times and it is based more on your physical distance moved and it generally isn’t hooked up to your heart rate, but it's a start.  Let's face it if you have never paid any attention to the amount of movement you do in a day, anywhere is a good place to start.

If none of this is your cup of tea you need to be just a little more aware of your body and its movement.  If you haven't stood up in an hour guess what, it's time to move.  If you are just standing still it really isn't any better than sitting, other than its harder on your knees and your mind thinks it's moving but it's not.

If you have determined that it's time to increase movement in your day start simply.  Don’t make great huge leaps and bounds into running or great gym memberships, start simply.

Start keeping a journal.

  • Track time and distance
  • Keep track of your heart rate if you can.
  • How do you feel before, during and after

Make a commitment

  • Commit to someone how much you are going to increase your movement and what you are planning on doing.

Become accountable

  • Make sure you are accountable to someone or even to a chart on the wall.  It will help you be consistent.

Be consistent

  • Make your time commitments achievable so that you can be consistent.  Stop and start.
  • Beginning again in 6 months is not really helpful and isn’t what your body wants or needs.

Prepare to adjust your goals

  • Once you begin your new movement routine, be prepared to adjust it.  Maybe you were too ambitious and your time adjustments are making it hard to be consistent.  Make your times longer or shorter as needed.
  • Also, once this begins a habit, you may find that you actually like this new routine, so you may want to make it a higher priority in your week and you may want to add different activities to your program.

Make sure that whatever you decide to do, it is a little challenging, you enjoy what you are doing, and it is something that you will choose to keep doing.  Putting walking, running, swimming, golfing, bike riding, whatever it is into your new routine is a big step to a new healthier you.  Your heart, lungs, skin, overall health will thank you.


I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. -Joyce Meyer


Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

We are just a few days into another new year and I am asking the question, why do we love ‘NEW’?


We are in the habit of wishing everyone a happy new year.  It’s one of the few greetings that we can say without offending people, generally.  We celebrate the new year, but that makes me think about how much we seem to love things that are new.  We love new babies, puppies, kittens.  We all know that new car smell. That first green leaf in spring. Spring for that matter.  That feeling of soft inside a new sweatshirt.  The first steps in a snowy lawn or sandy beach.  First steps, words, foods.  All things new we love and celebrate.  Why?

I think it’s because it hasn’t been spoiled, bruised, or tainted.  It is as it should always be.  That is a good thing, we get to see things as they are in the beginning.  It is a chance to begin fresh without judgment.  New things are to be cherished.  We should remember those new feelings.  New relationship feelings, first kiss, first touch, first ‘I love you’.  It makes me warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about all these new things.  And then, ‘it’ happens.  New is not new anymore.  So now what?

This is where most of us get hung up.  We long for that ‘new’ feeling all the time.  Wanting that feeling is not a bad thing unless you can’t get past it.  If you are only happy when you have new things then there is a problem.

I know people that simply can’t have a normal long-term relationship because as soon as the newness of the relationship starts to wear off, they move on just to keep that feeling.  Ok, that is just not healthy.

But there is a middle ground.  And I think in most things as long as you are really honest with yourself, you can have that new feeling and yet not have to give up what you have to get it.  Let me explain.  With some things, you can’t replace that feeling.  With relationships, for example, it is healthy to move on to the next phase of a relationship.  That feeling of new gets replaced with comfortable, not boring, just comfortable like a warm blanket.  That new sweatshirt feeling is one of those things that you simply can’t recreate unless you buy a new one.  Ok, that’s fine.  Babies grow, flowers bloom, relationships change, it’s all part of the process.

At this time of year, we are in the middle of a season, but at the beginning of the calendar.  To me, it’s one of those examples of, is new really new?  It can be if you want it to.  Take this opportunity to create new.  If you want that new feeling, create it.  Start a new…  Most people make resolutions, why not just take the time to start something new.  Not a resolution, just something new.

Trying a new eating plan.  How about taking a class.  Find an old friend to reconnect with.  Start a new book.  Reorganize your living room.  Plan for a trip somewhere new that you have wanted to go to.  Learn a new language.  Save a little more money.  Learn to cook a new kind of food.  Find a new church.  Try a new sport.  Buy a new lip colour.  We can find that ‘new’ feeling if we want to.  Sometimes it’s just a decision.  Maybe the new thing needs to be your attitude.  Let’s try to be more easy-going, less critical, less sarcastic.  Smile more, complain less.  Pay more compliments to others and to yourself.

This year can be as new as you want it to be.  Take some time to think about what you want this year to be.  An extension of last year, or a whole new beginning?  This year is truly in your hands, it’s still new.


Happy New Year and may God Bless You.


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. – Ralph Waldo Emerson