The Cost of Poor Health

How much did my poor health cost me?

As with many things in life, “people” are quick to offer unsolicited advice.

When I started my journey to health many people asked and still ask today “How can you afford to go to the Gym? How can you afford to hire a trainer?” I’m not going to get into self righteous or sarcastic responses, but ask a different question.

What is the cost of poor health, being overweight, out of shape, and eating poorly?

If you’ve read my introduction, you saw that I was under my doctors orders to remain at home in bed on medication for three months with double pneumonia. As the guy in charge of sales and in charge of my entrepreneurial venture, what does three months of salary loss look like? For me, let’s use a rough figure of $20,000 per month. Okay that’s $60,000. Revenue for my company stopped DEAD, however payroll and mortgages didn’t. Estimated cost $2.4 million in lost sales.

  • I was taking high blood pressure medication (3 different medications) $500.00 per month leading up to my health crash 18 years = $108,000
  • I had a CPAP machine for sleep apnea replaced every 2­-3 years at $2500 = $7500
  • My life insurance was rated at 150% premium due to my health. The extra premium was $1500/year. So, 6 years = $9000 so far. I have applied to have the rating removed now.
  • I’d estimate conservatively the personal financial cost was $124,500***
  • The estimated company cost $2.4 million.

These numbers may seem ridiculous to you, or maybe they are low? It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, you and I are paying a price for our health whether it’s for good health or bad health. From my own experience, good health is way cheaper.


BTW: I’m now medication free!


Seeing my kids grow up, get married, and have grandchildren, Priceless!

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