​This Is The Easiest Way To Stop Emotional Eating


Generally, I am not a fan of any article that preaches “the easiest, or the quickest” of anything.  For the simple reason that if it is the easiest or quickest, we already know about it and it either doesn’t work or it doesn’t last.  

However, this article in Women’s Health Magazine has used its headline value to get me to read, but really isn’t promising anything that is earth shattering.  But, it is promoting things that I talk about all the time.  You need to listen to your body.  You are the one and only you and only you can feel what you feel.  So when it comes to emotional eating, first things first, listen to your body.  You need to realize that you actually are emotionally eating and then, deal with both what your body will tell you, ie: you are full, stop eating, and then stop eating your emotions, and just deal with them.  

The key here is to pay attention to your body.

The Easiest Way to Stop Emotional Eating

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