Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?

This has been said before.  It will be said again.  But it actually needs to be reaffirmed.  We are all looking for that miracle answer that will whip us into model, perfect shape and size.  

The truth is that you really are what you eat.  You simply cannot avoid it.  The little article shows you the truth about the balance between exercise and diet.  Like it or not, getting that perfect summer body is not easy to get or keep.  That is one of the reasons that we all want it so bad, it seems like everyone but us has that flat washboard stomach, but it’s just not true.  

  • Work hard at the gym.  
  • Run, swim, play, just move and your body will thank you.  
  • Eat right, eat whole real foods, keep your portions real, and your body will again, thank you.
  • You may never be able to see those abs that you yearn for, but you will look and feel healthier and isn’t that the real goal?  

Here's is a great 5 minute read by Fitbit that keeps it real.

Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen

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