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As humans, we are way more complex than the other animals out there.  First, realize that yes, we are actually animals, regardless what some very strange people think. We are creatures meant to roam the earth just like other creatures that eat and breathe.  But we are very certainly not the same.  We are so much more complicated than the rest.  There aren’t any other creatures that are as fragile as us.  Yup, we are fragile.  We may not die as easily as some other creatures, but think about how easily we are hurt.  We have the ability to get hurt physically, sure, not that unique, but we can also very easily get hurt emotionally.

Some people like to think that all other creatures have feelings.  Well some do but most don’t and the ones that do, are way more simple than ours.  But the biggest thing about our emotions is how powerful they are.  Our emotions, as humans, are more powerful than we give them credit.  We all struggle at one time or another with our emotions, hurt feelings, loneliness, anger, sadness, even low self-esteem.  So, today, we are here to be your own personal cheerleader.

We are so mean to ourselves that most of the time, we are way more hurtful to ourselves than we would ever be to another person.  But today, we are not going to allow to you do that.  I am here to tell you that you are absolutely fantastic.  You are so absolutely amazing and unique that you should just give yourself your own high five.  I’ll wait, on second thought, I will give one to myself too.  Ready? Go!

I know, I know,

  • You may have some great uplifting sayings posted on your walls, good for you!
  • You do your best to look in the mirror and actually tell yourself some things that you like about yourself, wow!
  • You allow yourself to receive a compliment without justifying it, awesome!
  • You actually tell yourself, that you look good today, yay!
  • You have a personal library of positive, self-help books, yup, so proud of you!

But after all of that, you still doubt yourself.  Welcome to the rest of the world.  The world is so full of the negative that it really is a whole lot of work to stay uplifted.  But, you need to know that it is so very worth it.  It truly is.  There are way too many things pulling your attitude down, so sure, it is going to be work to stay uplifted, but it is really worth it.  Did you get that?  I’ll say it again to make sure you get it.  Working on your attitude to stay uplifted is so very worth it.


We, at Q4fit really want to be here for you.  We are really want to help you see the uplifting side to life, your life.  We want you to feel better both physically and emotionally.  We are working hard on reminding you that you are so totally worth it.


So whether you have heard it yet today or not;


You are worth the work.  

You are really a great person.  

You look great.

You are getting closer to your goal every day.

You have an amazing smile.

You are a good friend.

You make me smile when I think about you.

You are surrounded by people who like you.

You are loved.


There are only two things left to do; believe all of these truths, and let somebody else in your world hear these truths about them.


Let’s be the people who share the positive things and minimize the negative.


Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome. – Zig Ziglar

Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?

Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen? Q4fit.com

This has been said before.  It will be said again.  But it actually needs to be reaffirmed.  We are all looking for that miracle answer that will whip us into model, perfect shape and size.  

The truth is that you really are what you eat.  You simply cannot avoid it.  The little article shows you the truth about the balance between exercise and diet.  Like it or not, getting that perfect summer body is not easy to get or keep.  That is one of the reasons that we all want it so bad, it seems like everyone but us has that flat washboard stomach, but it’s just not true.  

  • Work hard at the gym.  
  • Run, swim, play, just move and your body will thank you.  
  • Eat right, eat whole real foods, keep your portions real, and your body will again, thank you.
  • You may never be able to see those abs that you yearn for, but you will look and feel healthier and isn’t that the real goal?  

Here's is a great 5 minute read by Fitbit that keeps it real.

Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen

Give the Gift of Experiences (Not Things)

Give the Gift of Experiences (Not Things)

So, as of late, we have been getting into a great habit of buying each other experiences instead of things.  We are buying what we need as we need ‘it’ or the ‘it’ isn’t a fun kind of gift anyway.  So, we are now getting in the habit of turning on our imagination for things we want to ‘do' instead of ‘have'.

I find the older I get the more ‘stuff’ I seem to have.  It’s not like I am an avid shopper.  As a matter of fact, unless I have something that I must pick up and can’t get somebody else to get it for me, you won't often find me in the mall.  

But, I still seem to have closets that are full.  My car is in the driveway because there is more room for it out there.  I am strategic with my kitchen cupboards and I even have rooms that I rarely use, but are full of stuff.  Why do I have so much stuff?

One of the reasons is, like my dad, I am not a fan of throwing away things that may have value or use for me in the future.  I am not quite a hoarder or anything like that, I just tend to see value in a lot of things so, I keep them, just in case…

Another reason is my age.  I am in my 50’s now and my kids are finally shopping for us instead of just us doing the shopping for each other.  So, I have a lifetime of gifts that I just don’t have the heart to give away or put up on ‘bidding wars’.  

It has become really fun.  We really love our kids.  I know, not that unique, but our kids like to spend time with us too.  So we have been getting into the habit of asking for time with them.  They are loving it too.  The whole thing doesn’t have to be expensive.  It doesn’t have to be scheduled way in advance.  It is just about spending time together.  Obviously, some things take a little planning, but we also just have coffee dates.  No biggie, just coffee.  Put it on your calendar and just do it.

Here are a few ideas we have used and that are not going to break the bank

  1. Go to the movies.  We still have a couple of cheap theaters nearby, so Tuesday nights work great.
  2. Bowling.  Silly, but fun.  Lots of giggles.
  3. Coffee dates.  Make a point of making the other person an actual appointment in your calendar.  
  4. Go for walk.  No big hikes, unless you want that, just walk and talk.
  5. Local ball game, hockey game, junior sporting event.  The best part of this is, it’s cheap and they love an audience.
  6. Local theater.  Up and coming thespians never get enough audience while they are learning.
  7. Go karting.  This is a fav of ours.  We have a couple of options near us.
  8. Batting cages or mini golf.  Whether you can hit a ball or not, it’s fun just the same.
  9. Comedy clubs.  Generally, these are cheap and worth it even if you only get a few laughs.  That would be more than you get staying home.
  10. Take a class.  You can take a painting, pottery, cooking class.


The most important thing is that you are spending time with someone.  The event sometimes is completely irrelevant.  At the end of the day, spend time with each other.  That is the only thing that you can’t really get too much of and will miss the most when that other person is not around to do this stuff with.


Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Celebrating Father's Day. Breakfast. The idea for hearty and delicious holiday breakfast: pancakes with butter, maple syrup and fresh strawberries, with congratulations. Coffee cup.

It's Father’s Day on Sunday.  It’s a great day to let dad rest, relax, and feed him until he explodes.

Why not feed him something that you know he loves, but is just a little more healthy than he needs to know.

Breakfast for dinner in our house was always one of our favorites while our kids were growing up.  This recipe is simple yet delish.

You are welcome.

BTW, it can be found on our Q4fit Pinterest page.